Baron van Tuyll Suite

King Garden Suite

SUITE 4 • Our Premiere Garden Suite has a large, luxuriously appointed living room with fireplace, a kitchenette, a spa bath, walk in shower and a beautiful bedroom with a king sized bed. It features a lovely, private sun garden, surrounded by flowers. It is a restful haven in a busy world. There is a ramp to the suite.

History: Baron van Tuyll

Baron Carel Lodwijk van Tuyll portrait.

Bayfield’s first land speculator, Baron van Tuyll was a member of the European aristocracy, who in recognition of services rendered during the Napoleonic Wars, was permitted to purchase 4000 acres of prime real estate from the Canada Company in 1832.

He bought the best acreage to the immediate south of the Bayfield River and to the north of the Maitland River, near Goderich. The surveyor who had charted Lake Huron, Royal Navy Lieutenant, Henry Bayfield, had personally recommended these prime sites. Not only for their potential for future towns, but also as likely sites for protected military harbours to guard Canada’s western flank against possible invasion from the United States.

Van Tuyll’s dream of quickly flipping one or both of these properties was dashed by the lack of any desire by Great Britain to invest in more military projects in Upper Canada.

For the next 40 years, van Tuyll and his descendants were burdened with the harsh realities of the relatively slow settlement of the Huron Tract. Their Bayfield and Goderich real estate adventure almost bankrupted the family. Fortunately for the family, van Tuyll’s son Vincent, in 1851, was a member of the group that discovered the world’s largest supply of tin on Belitung Island in Indonesia. This was the beginning of the world’s largest mining company, N.V. Billiton Maatshappy and the family never had to worry about money again.