Maud Stirling Suite

King sized bed

SUITE 6 • On the second floor of our Main House, this suite has an antique filled space full of charm and personality, including a King sized bed complete with fireplace. This suite has a lovely sitting room with a large balcony amidst the trees overlooking Main Street. The European style bathroom has a slipper soaking tub and walk in shower. There are seventeen stairs up to the suite.

History: Maud Stirling

Bayfield’s World War 1 Heroine, Maud Stirling

Maud Stirling was one of the most honoured Canadian Nursing Sisters  during World War 1. She was one of 15 children who were raised on a farm near Bayfield. At a time when very few children were able to obtain a high school education, Maud’s potential was recognized and she was sent to Goderich so that she could attend Model School. She became a teacher and then after a few years, she entered the Nurse’s Training course at Toronto General Hospital.

Within three weeks after World War 1 broke out, Maud was one of 2003 nurses from all over Canada who answered the call to serve. At age 37, Maud was one of the more mature applicants when she joined the No. 4, University of Toronto Base Hospital. Maud was mentioned 3 times in dispatches for her bravery near the battlefields of Salonika in Greece and was awarded the Royal Red Cross by King George V in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Maud received special training during the war and has been recognized as the first Canadian Massage Therapist.

Maud Stirling left Bayfield as a young, independent, and strong willed granddaughter of pioneers. When she returned to Bayfield in retirement, she had done and seen things that only the women who had worked with Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War had ever experienced.